How to take swabs

Crop samples:

1. Open the bird's beak, head tilted back slightly.

2. Insert the swab at least halfway along its length, then use a circular motion to collect the material for examination. Label the swab with the number of the bird and indicate with a capital "CR" - crop

Cloacal samples:

1. Turn the bird onto its stomach

2. Point downwards with its head.

3. Insert the swab into the cloaca, up to the tip of the swab on the swab. Do not go deeper so as not to damage the bird.

4. Remove material for examination in a circular motion.

5. Label the swab with the number of the bird and mark with a capital "CL". - cloaca.

The collected sample should be placed in a tube with transport medium.

The sample should be taken before the start of treatment or at least 7-10 days after the end of treatment - otherwise the test may give a false negative result.

If the animal has been treated prior to collection, the type of treatment used should be briefly described on the form.

Swabs for collecting material are in two types:

  blue – for general examinations, (crop, cloaca, eye, etc.)

  black – for testing for anaerobic bacteria.


Swabs with transport medium can be purchased from our laboratory, pharmacy or your nearest veterinary practice.