Sex testing

Many bird species exhibit very similar phenotypic characteristics (sexual monomorphism), making it impossible to determine sex based on external characteristics.

In our laboratory we perform the examination of the sex of birds using PCR method. To perform it, we require genetic material in the form of blood or feathers. An order form must be filled out correctly and clearly for the samples to be sent.

How to properly collect the material for testing:

1) feathers - approximately 8-10 freshly plucked pieces are required, avoiding downy feathers (quill is most important). Sign with the ring number and species of bird.

2) blood - prick the cleaned and disinfected fingertip with a sterile needle or pricker - individual for each bird. The material should be applied to a sterile swab, coffee filter or cotton bud. Do not collect on tissue, toilet paper or gauze.  Place a single specimen in a zipper bag or envelope. Sign with the ring number and species of bird.


We reserve the right to refuse to perform the test if the material is incorrectly collected or damaged during transport.